So much to do!

I took a break from the blog because reasons, but now the wedding is less than a month away and there is so much planning! To keep costs down, we’ve decided on a picnic wedding. Instead of tuxedos the boys will wear slacks and lightweight dress shirts, instead of wedding gowns and bridesmaid gowns the girls will wear summer dresses. We’re only inviting family, but with parents, siblings and children alone that number is close to 20, and we still need to account for aunts, uncles and cousins.

Things we need to do:
• Contact the city for permission to use a park
• Narrow down the catering menu
• Buy rings
• Marriage license paperwork
• Meet with the bishop
• Plan the decor
• Find the cake!

For the first time I feel really good about getting everything done on time and on budget.


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